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Brian Noe, ChFC®, CLU®, AIF®

Private Wealth Advisor



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Years ago, I had a decision to make – family or career? I decided to keep my family together, raise my children, and put my career advancement on hold. I didn’t have any other choice (so I thought at the time).

It took me several years to get over the regret of not fulfilling my career goals when a friend of mine stated over drinks one evening after a youth soccer practice (I was the coach) – “I really envy you.”

I was stunned. This guy was in the C-Suite, attending Super Bowls and World Series, and financially successful. I could have been there but decided to take a different path. “Why do you envy me?” I asked. He continued “You’re always smiling, involved in the community, coaching baseball and soccer, people respect you, and your kids are doing great.”

Epiphany – true wealth is the entire wellbeing of my family and the people I care about, now and in the future, not just a future retirement number and legacy. Yet, did I have to sacrifice one for the other?

Decisions tend to be based on limited options that we eliminate until we select the last option standing. Would discovering new options allow you to make a choice from unlimited options that enriches your family and avoids regrets?

A few years back, at an alumni hall of fame dinner, a dear friend going back to high school and college looked at me and said, “Imagine what we could have done if we had any positive guidance whatsoever?”

It is my mission to bring that guidance to you and yours, sharing my experience in business, government, academia, volunteering, and life, including …

  • Graduate degree in Economics
  • Central Connecticut State University, University of Hartford teaching economics
  • Certified Fiduciary
  • Lockheed Missiles & Space, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, Kaman Aerospace
  • Family business executive
  • Private consulting for business and government, Council of Small Towns
  • Volunteer as a youth coach, firefighter, and serving in local office
  • Taught Economics at Central Connecticut State University and University of Hartford

… using your wealth to pass on values and responsibility to your family and others.


Lori Tedone

Lori is responsible for managing all facets of operations and cases in process and coordinates all our firms’ resources. She is responsible for the development and management of the client relationship and service processes and ensures that the operations of the office run smoothly and efficiently.

Lori has a varied background in banking, insurance, event planning. She is client-oriented and passionate in delivering an unsurpassed client service experience.

She lives in Windsor Locks with her husband and children.




Mary T. Young, CFP®, ChFC®, CRPC®

Director of Financial Advisory Services

  • Areas of expertise include high net worth estate distribution strategies, senior executive compensation, tax return analysis, and retirement planning.
  • Bachelor’s degree from The University of Connecticut and an Associate’s degree from Manchester Community College.




Robert E. Appel, J.D.*, LL.M, M.B.A.

Second Vice President of National Design/Advanced Planning

  • Member of the American and Connecticut Bar Associations.
  • B.S. degree (Accounting and Finance) from Central Connecticut State University; J.D. degree from the University of Bridgeport School of Law; M.B.A. (Finance) degree from the University of Connecticut; and LL.M. (Taxation) degree from Boston University School of Law.




Timothy S. Johnson, J.D.*, CRPC®

Chief Investment Strategist

  • Areas of expertise include fixed-income, equity allocations, alternative investments and affluent wealth management.
  • BA in Political Science from Lipscomb University in 1981 and graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Law. Holds a Series 7 registration.




Donna L. Rowan, J.D.*, LL.M., CLU®, CHFC®

National Design/Advanced Planning Attorney

  • Donna’s expertise lies in the areas of personal and corporate income taxation, as well as estate, gift and trust taxation. She is a member of the Connecticut and American Bar Associations.
  • Donna received a BA degree in English from State University of New York at Buffalo, a J.D. from Western New England College School of Law and a LL.M. (Taxation) from Boston University School of Law.




Dianna Parker, CFP®

Director of Planning

  • Dianna’s primary area of expertise is a broad knowledge of complex estate planning, business succession planning and retirement planning concepts. She frequently hosts a variety of nationally disseminated educational sessions focused on current tax law and financial planning strategies.
  • Dianna graduated summa cum laude with a Master's degree graduate from Southern Methodist University.